All the comics

Or at least some I read this year

Everyone does top ten lists - so here's the top ten comics (and comic series) I've read this year. Not all of these came out this year but it's what I read and loved.

Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai, Darkhorse comics

There's no one better to love than a samurai rabbit and his friends. I was saddened to learn that Stan's wife is seriously ill and there's a fundraiser to help with the medical expenses. If you want to get into a series, this is an excellent one to do and help out a lovely comic creator.

DMZ, Vertigo, Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli

A 12 volume series about the DMZ, or Manhattan, after a second US civil war. It's brilliantly political. I thought it got a bit weird around v. 6 or 7 but pulled itself together for the end.

Elephantmen, Image Comics, Richard Starking et al.

Set in the future after a massive war where a breed of animal-human hybrids (or transgenics) face their post-war lives as detectives, businessmen or nightclub owners (among many others). It's not exactly PG and is not for those who don't enjoy some crazy science and setttings.

Revival, Image Comics, Tim Seeley, Mike Norton

A small town where the dead come back to life - not as zombies but not exactly normal either. The story centre around a cop and her sister and what's unfolding in the small Wisconsin town. It's dark and mysterious and is seriously good.

The Manhattan Projects, Image Comics, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra

I don't know how to even describe this comic as it's pretty batshit insane. It's glorious. Basically, The Manhattan Project was just a cover for even weirder shit and the scientists in it get weirder and weirder...looking forward to the next volume.

Rust, Archaia, Royden Lepp

This is honestly one of the most stunning comics I've ever had the pleasure to hold in my grubby hands. It's set in a prairie after a sort of steampunk like World War One. It's absolutely beautiful. Man, I can't wait for the next book. Buy it for everybody.

The Massive, Darkhorse Comics, Brian Wood, Kristian Donaldson

Basically, it's a post-world where Global Warming has truly taken hold of the planet. An environmental research ship is searching out its sister ship fighting off all sorts of dangers. It's fast paced and very cool.

Hawkeye: My life as a weapon, Marvel, Matt Fraction, David Aja

I randomly bought this as it was recommended on Boing Boing and I had never read a Hawkeye comic before (unless in conjunction with another Marvel line). It was really quite funny. Hawkeye is irreverant, frequently in trouble and always a smartass. The art is also just so cool. So slick.

Atomic Robo and the Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne, Red 5 Comics, Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener

This series is awesome and hilarious. Again, batshit crazy with a smart-ass robot-hero. What's not to love? I can't wait to get my hands on more this year.

Saga, Image Comics, Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

This was one of my Christmas presents this year and holy shit am I ever going to go buy volume 2 as soon as possible. Being partly told from the perspective a baby just born to 2 soldiers from the opposite side of a war, it's just amazingly epic. I can't believe I hadn't picked this up yet. It's stunning, original and just fucking awesome.

In conclusion

Well, clearly Image get all my money. But other than that, I've had an excellent year in comics. There are some honorable mentions like Nemo (another Christmas present), Habibi and Punk Rock Jesus that were also all excellent.

I've just started re-reading all of Sandman and might re-read all of Transmetropolitan as well in 2014. But I hope to discover more like Rust and Saga in the year ahead.