Dear Jon Snow

I felt compelled to write a small post about your views on videogames. As inspired by your dreadful showing with Charlie Brooker but also because of Martin Robbins' eloquent piece, as well as James O'Malley pointing out the tired sexism of video game marketing which you helped to perpetuate with your lack of knowledge on national television. Thanks for that.

Let me set the record straight. To me, video games are more relevant than you or most of television now. I think I spend more time on average playing video games than watching telly or going to the cinema. When I feel guilty about not spending as much time as I should on my PhD it is inevitably because I've just spent the entire previous week playing a newly released game. I haven't watched Breaking Bad but I have played Grand Theft Auto V and all of the Assassin's Creed.

Games have been a part of my life since I was about 7 or 8 and going over to my neighbour's house, where I would spend time watching my brother and my neighbour's grandson play the first generation Nintendo console. I didn't play much then (though I did a little) but played more when we got our own console. I've exponentially increased my time playing with my partner as he plays console games to. I think gaming has brought us closer together to be honest, it is something we share together. Also, I'm one of those mythical women that play consoles that despite massive amounts of evidence never seems to quite penetrate the minds of people like you or the general marketing spiel of gaming companies like Xbox or Sony.

Games are wonderful. They are a huge part of the entertainment of my adult life. They can have immersive stories and wonderful characters. I'm writing this over lunch while sat in my N7 hoodie from Mass Effect.

You don't even have to picture my annoyed face. Here is is:

Going on with the Mass Effect theme - jeez. That series of games is amazing. It inspires love in me and makes random people on the street point at me in my hoodie and say things like: "Seeing that hoodie has made my day" and "OMG! Mass Effect! Amazing!" And this is on London streets by ENGLISH PEOPLE. The same people who make horrified faces if you acknowledge their existence on the tube as you try to talk to them.

A particular character in Mass Effect (Legion, who is a robot) genuinely makes me want there to be a concept like the soul JUST SO HE CAN HAVE ONE. And I'm saying that as an atheist. I still get teary eyed thinking of Legion saying "Does this unit have a soul?" Yes you fucking do Legion. Not even Jon Snow can take it away from you.

I thought you were okay Jon Snow. I was amused when you came to the Republic Party during the Jubilee festivities. You seem nice. However, I dare say you should give up the news angle because fuck. You are supposed to investigate and report on actual things not just air your clearly inadequate, un-researched and antiquated points of view to the wider British public.

Maybe its time to retire and gets someone who can be fucked to have some small clue about what is a massively relevant cultural medium. Or someone who won't perpetuate stereotypes that video games make you violent or not for women. Because even though I have spent hours simulating lots of violence in Assassin's Creed, it has mainly made me want to go to Florence for a holiday.

Dear Jon Snow, on behalf of gamers everywhere, act like an adult and not a sulky child who had to review something they didn't like and don't want to understand.