I think I've joined the Dark Side

And by the dark side, I mean I've started reading everything on my Nexus 7 (except comics and non e-book PhD things. Though, I'm sorely tempted to see what ones are going that way...)

I've put this off for so long. Even when reading all 800 pages of Steven Pinker's Better Angels of our Nature. No particular reason, I just really like books, actual physical books.

I still do but after buying new book shelves and rapidly filling them up again, I've come to the conclusion that all books are not created equal. Or at least, not all are equally created to be on my bookshelf. Comics I will still probably buy as TPBs but I'm musing about getting into single issues if I can read them on my tablet. I just get annoyed by the non-book like forms of single issue comics but I do want to support the creators.

It's just so bloody convenient isn't it? I'm using Google Books whick then syncs across my Nexus 7, google account on my laptop and my phone. I still have the ethical quandry of giving money to a company that doesn't pay as much tax as I'd like though (which is why I stopped using Amazon). Hooray! I'm a hypocrite! I wonder what they get more value out of, the books I'm buying or the fact that I use google products to run my life and do all my internet searches for me.

I wonder if there's a universal reader or something more open source (of course there will be) but then where do I get my e-books from? Man. The future is complicated, ethically.

Even Google doesn't have all the books I want though and I doubt they are the type of books that will be available through e-book check out at the library (they are old). So maybe some will still be read the old fashioned way.

Man, I really want PhD books to be in e-books. Though all mine are from the mid-90s or earlier usually so they won't be. So much easier to take notes (though I haven't looked if I can export the notes). Kids in the future are going to have it so easy. Though it will be weird not to go to people's houses and inspect their bookshelves.

The future, it will have less shelves.