Obligatory New Year's post

I honestly don't know where the fuck this year went. I'm sure it was March yesterday. I think this is the result of being relentlessly busy. By the looks of things, 2014 promises to be even more relentless. It's going to be the kind of year where you just hold on tight and hope you make it to the end in one piece.

So 5 things that were awesome this year:

1 - I was elected as Chair of Conway Hall Ethical Society! Which comes with it a terrifying amount of responsibility.
2 - I've made progress on my PhD and so far what I've written doesn't suck. 2 years down, 2 to go!
3 - I interviewed freakin' Commander Chris Hadfield - who is the nicest man in the world.
4 - I got my UK driver's licence.
5 - I got photographed for A Better Life.

5 things that I hope will be awesome in the new year:

1 - I will write 2 chapters of my PhD and contemplate going to conferences and writing papers.
2 - I'll take James to CANADA! There will be so much snow and degrees in the minus centigrade.
3 - We'll continue putting on interesting events for Soho Skeptics.
4 - I'll go to some interesting gigs like Billy Bragg and Monty Python.
5 - I'll go to Thought Bubble which I've forgotten to do for the last few years but am determined to go to this year.

I also want to read more comics and books than I did last year. So here's to a good reading list.

Happy New Year!