Why you should always meet your heroes

There is that phrase. Never meet your heroes. I think it's bullshit.

Now, more than ever perhaps, you should probably have a pretty good idea of what your heroes are like. People have Twitter, blogs, PR agents - it's likely that if they are horrible, you'll find out. And then you'll stop liking them...wouldn't you? I certainly have stopped listening to a musician when I found out they were super libertarian. Which sucked because I really liked his music but it didn't seem as joyful after finding that out.

Perhaps I've just managed to like and look up to people who just turn out to be lovely. Maybe my secret super power is a massive douchebag detector that deflects me away from egocentric footballers and disaffected pop stars.

Through doing the Pod Delusion we've managed to meet quite a few cool people and a few epic heroes. They've all been lovely. They've all been super busy and consumate professionals but they all joked and laughed and were nice. They were fucking cool, is what.

Why wouldn't you want to know that? That's basically the only good confirmation bias. The only thing that changed after meeting them, was that it made me like their work even more. Now I don't just like what they do - but also have a particularly lovely memory to associate with whatever I'm watching, reading or listening to.

Life is short. Meet your heroes. They're probably awesome. And if not, you'll have time to find better ones.